Altering cards to look like your kids

received this cute card in Studio Calico Project Life kit last month. It didn’t look like any of my children. My youngest (who is Asian) happened to start reading. So I pulled out my watercolors and a fine tip journal pen. I love watercolors! They are so easy to use and not too heavy.

I modified the card a bit and now it matched what I want to portray.

Happy Friday!


***PS: here are my ideas and the embellishments I pulled out to make this Project Life spread. The embellishments I think I will use are all the way on the left.





National Scrapbooking day!


I was so honored to be asked to post a challenge to the Studio Calico message board.  I posted a challenge asking members to share a layout or project showcasing their favorite season. My favorite season is Spring!


Come to the boards and join in on the fun!  Here is the link:

If you are not yet a member, creating an account is easy and free! Hope to see you over there!


PS: In honor of NSD, I am making the below files available for free.



Home is where your mom is

What can I fit in a 20 yard dumpster?



Lots of this….


And all of that….


After using leftovers to: build a kids playhouse, 3 large porch planters, a planter for the school auction, a wood interest wall, a range hood, a headboard, a porch rail, and 3 benches; we still had tons of leftover fence materials and cuts from when we milled our porch boards down. After two years we, I mean *I* decided it all needed to go. We kept enough to make a couple more benches and planters for the yard.

I put it all up on Facebook offering it to anyone who wanted it. I had three people come by and load a good portion of it up for their misc projects. All of the lighting, sinks, and salvageable home items I am bringing to the Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. The junk metal, we recycled and alllllllll the misc paint cans will be brought to the City’s hazardous waste collection day next month.

Whew! A big day of work. The yard and shed are cleaned out! Now my OCD self can breathe and start planning some landscaping. :)